Twelve (2011)

You can buy Twelve right now on Amazon. The Amazon cover is hideous! I'm sorry!

Here's what the back of the jacket says: Welcome to a world where undead prostitutes dwell in abandoned roadside motels, a universe filled to overflowing with cantankerous suburban trash monsters, ill-tempered stress relievers, and weight loss programs that frequently bite off more than they can chew. Welcome to Love. Welcome to Death. Welcome to Twelve.

Dear God, that's pretentious. Twelve (Stories Concerning Love and Death) is a mixed bag of short, nasty, and sometimes poetic horror stories. Death Rattlers and Blue Flowers are standouts. But the real kudos belongs to artist Michael Kotora, who created truly outstanding artwork for each tale. Some people like Twelve more than others. It's alright - just being honest.

Oh, and for some reason, Amazon decided to flag the original cover due to "content violations." I guess the splayed brain bothered people. Anyway, if you buy the book on Amazon, you're stuck with a generic image with a wack-ass skull. What you see here is the One True Cover.