Taste (2017)

Beware! You can purchase Taste Level Zero on on Amazon at this very moment in time.

Here's what the back of the jacket says: A vengeful baby corpse, sexually deviant raccoons, an ill-tempered poltergeist lover, military experiments gone horribly wrong, an ancient glory hole, and lots of strange penises. What do all of these decidedly odd things have in common? These peculiar elements take center stage in acclaimed author Todd Rigney's flash fiction collection TASTE LEVEL ZERO, a 10-story pile of bitterly rotten words and horribly disgusting scenarios delivered in short, easy-to-digest chunks. These breezy tales of misery, loss, and desperation are definitely not for the easily offended or those who value high art, but if you're in the market for something a little kooky, strange, and flat-out rotten, TASTE LEVEL ZERO should, in theory, provide you and your entire family with quality entertainment that you'll likely never forget. Are you brave enough to dig in?

So... yeah. What else do you really want to know? Taste Level Zero is for a very, very, very specific kind of horror fan. However, if you liked Shudder's glory-hole horror flick Glorious, you can find the short story that inspired my original screenplay in this collection. Utter madness!