M'rth (2015)

If you're looking for happiness, purchase M'rth on Amazon today! Happiness not guaranteed.

Here's what the back of the jacket says: Happiness seems to elude reclusive writer Dylan Mercury on a regular basis. During his fruitless quest for contentment, Dylan stumbles across a drug called M’rth, a miracle pill that magically transports him to the happiest moment of his entire life. However, the longer he stays in the wonderful world of M’rth, the more his reality starts to change for the worse. When his loved ones begin to disappear one by one, Dylan realizes he needs to kick his addiction before it robs him of everything.

M'rth is based on an idea I had kicked around for years. After the success the adaptation of Found came out, I finally got off my ass and wrote M'rth. Keep in mind that the book's style is reminicent of a narrative poem - one written by an author who clearly does not understand narrative poetry. But that's okay. M'rth has its own weird vibe, and I dig it. Maybe you will too.

An Amazon reviewer put it nicely: "The writing style is fast and clean, almost as if reading long-form poetry. The story is unique and has some interesting twists and turns." Hell yeah.