Big Fan (2009)
Director: Robert Siegel
Writer: Robert Siegel
Cast: Patton Oswalt, Kevin Corrigan, Michael Rapaport
MPAA Rating: R

Synopsis: An obsessive New York Giants fan sinks into a deep depression after being assaulted by the team's star quarterback.

Thoughts: Although its overall impact is lessened by a somewhat misguided finale, writer/direct Robert Siegel's pitch black comedy Big Fan is a bleak, strangely affecting experience from start to finish. Comedian Patton Oswalt's turn as socially awkward sports fanatic Paul Aufiero is nothing short of fantastic, and should help this very underrated actor land much meatier roles. However, the film often moves at a snail's pace, a fact which may not settle well with some members of the movie-going public. Then again, what did you expect from the man who wrote The Wrestler?

Recipe For Success: Robert Siegel's Whip-Smart Script + Patton Oswalt + Michael Rapaport as an Obnoxious Eagle's Fan

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