The sequel nobody wanted.

Boredom: It's easily the worst offense a movie can commit above all others. Painfully generic director Chris Fisher's 2009 cure for insomnia S. Darko attempts to expand on the events found in Richard Kelly's 2001 cult flick Donnie Darko by focusing on the doomed hero's little sister. The end result, as one can probably imagine, is something akin to cinematic narcolepsy, causing this usually energetic viewer to nod off several times over the course of the picture. The film half-heartedly chronicles the adventures of its titular character, namely Samantha Darko (Daveigh Chase), after she runs away from home following the implosion of her suburban family unit. Her journeys lead the young girl and her slutty best friend to a weird little town in the middle of nowhere, which just so happens to be home to a number of intentionally kooky characters including a troubled war veteran who believes the world will end in just a few short days. Abstract and existential fiddle faddle ensues. Nathan Atkins lukewarm script clumsily attempts to capture the essence of the original film to no avail whatsoever. However, filmmaker Chris Fisher is the sequel's biggest offender; the man blatantly borrows visual elements from Kelly's classic, as if to remind you that you're watching a Darko sequel. Top all of this ineptitude with stale performances and the sort of cheap CGI anyone can do in their spare time and you've got a motion picture nobody but mall goths and morose suicidal food court employees would want to see. S. Darko is, essentially, Twin Peaks for tweens.

Recipe For Disaster: Daveigh Chase + Chris Fisher's Copycat Direction + Did I Just Nod Off? Sorry About That

Teeangers Hate Christ: If you spy a group of young girls walking towards your church, don't even waste your time.

They're more interested in how farts taste.

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1 Spasms:

Chris said...

Well, you have confirmed my suspicions. Perhaps I'll remove this movie from my queue and continue to cherish Donnie Darko alone.

May 21, 2009 at 8:53 AM