In the wilds of Indonesia, no one cares about copyright infringement.

When Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters director Jopi Burnama and writer Deddy Armand joined forces for The Intruder (aka Pembalasan rambu), they had only three things in mind: Gunfights, explosions, and rape. Fortunately for the filmmakers and B-movie aficionados, they accomplished their sleazy little mission... and then some. This blatant Rambo knock-off stars The Stabilizer badass Peter O'Brian as Rambu (get it?), an unemployed bum with a penchant for kicking crime in the balls. And when his feet aren't enough to get the job done, he uses what appears to be a handball on his adversaries. When a local crime boss rapes and murders his girlfriend, our hero embarks on a blood-soaked rampage through the Indonesian underworld. Oh, and he also falls in love. The movie is so ridiculously over-the-top and gleefully entertaining that you'll forget that there's no character development or originals ideas featured at any point during the flick. O'Brian's tough guy shtick is paper thin and the bad guys are suitably evil, which is perfectly fine considering Burnama and Armand assault your senses with blood, explosions, and sexual tomfoolery on a regular basis. If you're bored at any point during The Intruder, then I'm not sure why you're here. My only complaints: Peter O'Brian isn't an international action hero and we didn't get a string of equally enjoyable sequels. Should you have an opportunity to check it out, don't hesitate to do so. Good luck finding a copy, though. It's a pretty obscure title, but it's worth the time and effort to search out. Don't forget your scarf!

Recipe For Success: Tons of silly fight sequences + Blatant Coca Cola product placement + Enough explosions to satisfy even the most diabolical pyro freaks

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